• The Swallow

Womb Room

My room has become my womb

Where I rest and grow

Where I learn and discover new things

Where new ideas are deliberated and nurtured

It is my safe sanctuary and refuge

Where my love and hope and fears mingle

Where I wrestle and find stillness once again

It is my cradle holding the image of me

The imprint of me

The expression of my personality and wishes and desires

It is the place I seek intimacy

I entice my most desired love one to this nest I have created

My sanctuary

It is where I draw close to the heartbeat of my mother

I seek her heartbeat daily

The heartbeat of the universe

That has grown us all in her womb

Treasured, I relax into her

The comforting shelter of her tender nourishment, growing my body and my mind

Fuelling me through her umbilical cord of growth and nature

How tenderly she reaches out to me

Grows me and guides me

My form ever moulded

My mind renewed

From a moment of intimacy with her

Here in the womb

Here in my room


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