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The Duck and the Dive : Part 1

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Sometimes the title comes first and you follow it to discover where it’s leading. I thought I was going to write a coming-out story, a facing-up post-freezing-up story… Of a lioness, crawling out of a cave, facing the light and surveying a bountiful forest with acceptance of a painful and marred past. Not even with some fresh invigorated burst of energy, but still with some hurt and confusion, pain, unresolved answers, not post spa cleanse, power epiphany, but more simply, with the resigned determination, willingness and surrendered abandonment -resignation,.. that there were no more answers or energy in the cave, than outside of it. That there was nothing in the cave but death and every other possible answer lay, as treasure but not buried.., but out, out(!), exposed and free, in the light. And in the wilful surrendered, shrugged-shoulders-abandonment, of first timid, tender, tentative, tempered,.. stepping out,… to try, try again, … the tiny reluctant admittance, the smallest glint of optimism, memory of hope, seen in the potential opportunity, possibility, of abundance, paradise(!), might,.. lay, stretched, beyond the cave’s entrance. And so, summoning all the energy she has left she peels her limp-y, wobbly, diminished-by-restrictive-movement-muscle limbs across the rock floor, in slow and fragile, incremental but intentional picked motions, until her frame meets the 'opening' of the cave, the threshold to the life beyond it, and there, she surveys, with eyes adjusting to the light and looking out, as well as imagination, an abundant valley, where somewhere, something ok, possibly even better than ok and everyday, was soon to be discovered, on the other side of willingness and the tenderhearted hopefulness of coming back into the light.

Darkness only leads to more darkness, but the possibility of light, is infinite.


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