• The Swallow

I'll Not Set An Alarm


I’m just getting cosy

in my little rowing boat

The white duvet snug around me

and I’m warm, rugged up.

My foot kicks me gently

off the jetty by the prom

I tuck it in quickly

warm cosy, wrapped tightly, in sheets.

I’m set upon the big wide ocean

Deep water almost black

The stars do not matter

Perhaps there by and by.

I’ll just be here floating

in my cosy rocking boat

Gently rocking lullaby

I’ll not set an alarm.

Simple ease at drift and drift

And see where I awake

For nothing matters anymore

If a storm comes, I may sink.

Who knows where I’ll awake

What mood will greet the day

Buoyant rested upon mass

Of ocean plunged beneath my back.

So much could go astray

Still nought matters but to close my eyes

slumber nestled oblivious

I’ll curl up here surrendered to the breeze.

Nothingness sought careless

and left anguish at dock

I’m here sleepy gently rocking boat

Balanced on ocean black.

Tiny floating rocking boat

Nought agenda to wake me up

So I’ll not set at alarm

And just see where i awake.


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