• The Swallow

A poem : We are Made of the Moon

We are made of the moon,

You are made of the stars.

From one giant bang we all were born,

In tiny micro biology form.

Through stories of history and evolvement and survival,

Through plagues and battles and beasts we’ve won.

The fittest survived.

We can thank the resilience of our grandmothers that our line continues on.

We’ve travelled the world,

Crossed distant shores,

Where new generations were born.

Our bodies and bloods mingled

Into unity

but still we see ourselves divided

Love and hated making us drifters.

We are nourished through the soil

Where our ancestors lie

Fertilised by the death of all life that has gone before

The plants and animals become part of our bodies

What nourishes them, nourishes us

The rivers and the oceans flow through us, as the water cycles round

The moons pulls us by our watery innards

The darkness cradles us into sleep

And the momentum of the earth like a pendulum rocks us

As each day passes in 12 hours

And each night in another 12

The seasons and the weather send us in cycles

Each harvest offering its fruits

We breathe one air

Breathe out the same co2

Returned to us by the trees and oceans

Nourished by the soil and the rivers running through us

We sweat and cry the same salt carried on the wind

The gravity holds us down

Pinning us to our root

So we don’t float away

We build homes from the rock and trees to shelter us

Every single thing is formed from an element of life that existed before us

The same chemical elements and compounds create everything that exists

The same energy transfers that has always been here

Nothing new can be created

It was always here we just use and recycle it

In a perfect atmosphere of temperate equilibrium of the sun's warmth

From the meadow, we built a city

And from the city, we search for the meadow

Is the meadow still in us?

Can we see ourselves back to the moon?

Back to the stardust we all came from

Then we will find that we are all connected

Connected to the earth

Connected and the same as each other

Connected to the start

And the stars and the moon

And if you can understand that

Then you may also note, that the great power that created that first bang

That created it all

Was not small

And flows through us

And it was the resilient who survived it all

And you may discover a creator who created creators to create

And be part of it all and we reincarnate into a fresh expression of life

To nurture and take care of it all.


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